What does it mean?

Tom Simm

10 April 2023

Whacking a driver down the centre of the fairway is just about one of the best feelings in golf. There’s nothing like going to pick up your tee knowing that you’ve hit your Sunday best and received the plaudits from your playing partners.

One of the reasons we’re able to pull off such cracking shots is because of the technology packed into these clubs – as well as our unwavering natural ability! – that is getting honed and enhanced with each generation that passes.

Broadly speaking, drivers are made of three components: the grip, shaft, and clubhead. We’re all too familiar with how our favourite driver feels and performs, but have you ever wondered how the inner workings of the club help us achieve the results we’re after? Please read on as we dissect Titleist’s latest TSR range of drivers to give you this wonderful insight.


The range

First of all, there are three drivers in the TSR range. You may not know anything about them at a glance but they’re all distinctly different. Included in the range are the TSR1, TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4.

The TSR 1 driver is the ultra-lightweight entry in the TSR family. This driver has been designed specifically for players that want to get more height out of their drives. If you have a moderate swing speed, this driver will certainly benefit you.

The TSR 2 driver will give you incredible distances when you launch your ball off the tee. This club is all about giving you great feel and delivering you maximum speed and stability. This driver will particularly appeal to you if you want to get a higher launch on your drives.

The TSR 3 driver is designed to help consistent players make the most of their tee shots. The face and sweet spot have been refined to give you impressive flights and distances. So, if you often hit it out the centre of the face, you’ll make the most of the TSR 3.

If you’re an advanced player and you love to shape your shots, the TSR 4 driver is an ultra-low spin model that will give you dynamic ball flights. This driver even comes with two different spin settings so you can approach the ball with the spin characteristics of your choice.


The face

The face is naturally the part of the driver that makes contact with the ball. It’s important you make the best contact possible, so Titleist have applied a multi-plateau variable face thickness design to their driver faces. This helps optimise speed retention on off-centre strikes so you’ll get the most out of those shots you don’t hit perfectly.

The CG (centre of gravity) in the clubhead has been positioned perfectly behind the face so that the club feels light and easy to swing. It also helps give you higher launch and very fast ball speed on impact.


Exceptional aerodynamics

Golf brands are always looking to improve the aerodynamics of their clubs so that they benefit you as much as possible. With the TSR range, Titleist have certainly delivered. Not only are the drivers light and comfortable to swing, but the boat-tail clubhead shape has been developed to reduce drag as the club is being moved through the air. This gives you increased ball speeds when you strike the ball and less felt friction throughout your swing.


It can only help your game to have better a better knowledge of how your club’s work. But while it’s great to know the theory, we all know that practice makes perfect. You can always contact us if you’d like to book in a lesson to help you get better at your game.

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